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395 Air Cadet Squadron
11807 - Kingsway NW
Edmonton, AB  T5G 2W5
Phone: 780-454-5434


395 Squadron - Royal Canadian Air Cadets

Last updated: 17 June, 2015

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Summer Camp Joining Instructions

Cold Lake Cadet Training Centre

Gimli Cadet Flying Training Centre and Power Pilot Scholarhip

Rockey Mountain House Cadet Training Centre

Whitehorse Cadet Training Centre

Pacific Region (HMCS Quadra CTC, Vernon CTC, Albert Head CTC, Comox CFTC)

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Canadore Cadet Training Centre

Summer Camp Briefing

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

For ALL cadets attending summer camp in 2015 including scholarship and staff cadets.  Cadets who have been to camp before will just be picking up information and can leave right away.  Those cadets who have never been to summer camp before must attend a briefing WITH A PARENT/GUARDIAN.  The briefing will last about 1 hour, depending on how many questions there are.  Please print off and bring the Joining Instructions for your specific camp location (links above).  The following cadets are selected for summer camp at this time and shall attend:

  • Brandl, E

  • Brandl, R

  • Bravo Gonzalez

  • Castro-Rosales

  • Chee

  • Daoud

  • Davis

  • Deacon

  • Denesik

  • Dese

  • Desgagne

  • Di Blasi

  • Dib

  • Donovan, T

  • Dorn

  • Dunahee

  • Duncan

  • Ferris

  • Finley

  • Flores

  • Franko

  • Gore

  • He, L

  • He, M

  • Hollik, D

  • Hollik, E

  • Hollik, S

  • Holmes

  • Ironmonger, J

  • Ironmonger, K

  • Iturra

  • Khalifa, C

  • Khalifa, S

  • Khublaryan

  • Koch

  • Kochelerov

  • Labayan

  • Landry

  • Lee

  • Maher

  • Majorsmith

  • Malinowski

  • McCarthy

  • McMurtry

  • Meyers

  • Miles

  • Monroy Alvarez

  • Moran

  • Nasr

  • Razon

  • Reid

  • Rickett-Beebe

  • Rufin

  • Sanchez

  • Schiml

  • Shamardakov

  • Swick

  • Tam

  • Tang

  • Thapar

  • Tolchard

  • Wachowich

  • Whittaker

  • Wilkinson

  • Youngs


Internationl Air Cadet Exchange Hosting

The Air Cadet League is still seeking host families for this year's International Exchange Cadets from out of Canada.  There are still many cadets that need to be housed.  The idea is to have the Cadets experience life from a Canadian family perspective.  Families just need to give them a place to sleep, some time to relax and catch up on social media with their friends and family, cook them some Canadian meals and show them the local community briefly.  

The Air Cadet League will provide tax receipts for any additional expenses you may incur.  They are specially looking for some Asian families as our Asian contingent (China especially) tend to not speak English well and really appreciate a family they can communicate with.  The Cadets and their host families have all expressed what an amazing experience this has been.

The time commitment is only for one weekend.  Friday evening, July 24, 2015 at 5:30 p.m. with pick up at the Edmonton Garrison to Monday morning, 27 July 2015 with drop off at 7:30 a.m. at the Edmonton Garrison.

Please see the attached pictures of previous year's exchanges.  Also attached is more information and forms (3E and 4E) that would need to be filled out.  There is a requirement for a screening to ensure cadet safety. 

Email info@395squadron.ca if able to assist.

Thank you for your consideration, 

Andrew McLellan


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