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395 Air Cadet Squadron
11807 - Kingsway NW
Edmonton, AB  T5G 2W5
Phone: 780-454-5434


395 Squadron - Royal Canadian Air Cadets

Last updated: 21 May, 2015

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Tours - Alberta Aviation Museum & Alberta Legislature


Power Familiarization Flying

395 Squadron Training and Events Calendar



We are now accepting recruits for the 2015-2016 training year.  Youth aged 12 and up are welcome to join!  For more information, learn about air cadets and how to join.  Talk to your friends!



·       Saturday Activities - May 23, 2015

o   No regular activities (karate, sports, drill, marksmanship, etc.)

 ·       Gliding Day

o   Saturday, May 23, 2015

o   Meet at the ship at 0745

o   Dress in civilian clothing (layers)

o   Lunch will be provided – bring water bottle and hat

o   Spots are still available!  If interested, please email info@395squadron.ca

o   For videos of what gliding is all about, click here and here.

 ·       Power Familiarization Flying

o   Sunday, May 24, 2015.

o   Please see the information sheet for more details.

o   Be sure to check squadron voicemail (780-454-5434) to see if cancelled or not – a normal message means it is a go!

o   Please see the details in the Google Calendar announcement for names and times for cadets who are attending.

o   If you can no longer go, please email info@395squadron.ca right away so another cadet can take your spot.

o   See a video of Power Familiarization Flying here.

 ·       Band

o   BAND on Monday, May 25, 2015

o   1820 - 2100

o   Aviation Museum/ 504 Hangar 

·       Bottle Drive CANCELLED

o   The bottle drive on Saturday, May 23 has been cancelled.  It ended up being a very busy weekend with Gliding on Saturday and Survivair as well.  We are encouraging families to take their bottles in themselves and then bring the cash in to donate to the squadron.  These funds will help pay for cadet activities throughout the training year. 


·       Annual Ceremonial Review Banquet Tickets are available now.  Cadets need to bring a $5 deposit to the office to get their tickets.  If you go to the banquet, you’ll get your $5 back.  For pictures of last year’s banquet, see this photo gallery

·       Summer Camp Selections are now complete.  We do not anticipate any further selections unless offers are declined and replacements needed.  The following cadets must still submit their responses to their Offers of Participation.  See 2Lt. Richards ASAP to get this done.  If you have lost or have not received your Offer of Participation one can be emailed to you.  Make a request for this by emailing info@395squadron.ca.





Basic Drill and Ceremonial - Air

Brandl, E

Basic Fitness and Sports

Bravo Gonzalez

Basic Fitness and Sports

Di Blasi

Glider Pilot

Donovan, T

General Training - Air


General Training - Air

Khalifa, S

Power Pilot

Lee, A

Drill and Ceremonial Instructor - Air


Military Band - Basic Musician


Basic Aviation Technology and Aerospace

Monroy Alvarez

Basic Drill and Ceremonial - Air


Basic Drill and Ceremonial - Air

Palavecino Frez, C

Basic Drill and Ceremonial - Air


Basic Drill and Ceremonial - Air


Basic Drill and Ceremonial - Air


Basic Aviation


Basic Drill and Ceremonial - Air


Glider Pilot


Basic Drill and Ceremonial - Air


Glider Pilot

Youngs, J

Basic Fitness and Sports




·       BINGO – Saturday, June 20, 2015. This is a special bingo and for this one we need 20 volunteers, so if you are able to help, it would be appreciated.  

·       The bottle drive on Saturday, May 23 has been cancelled.  It ended up being a very busy weekend with Gliding on Saturday and Survivair as well.  We are encouraging families to take their bottles in themselves and then bring the cash in to donate to the squadron.  These funds will help pay for cadet activities throughout the training year. 

·       ACR banquet tickets are now available for purchase at $40 per ticket. Please plan on attending to support your cadet and enjoy a nice meal.




·       Please get your responses in to summer camp offers as soon as possible even if you are declining the offer. We may have an opportunity to submit a few late applications. If you are 12-13 years old and are interested in the General Training Course or are 14-15 and are interested in the Basic Ceremonial Drill camp please see 2Lt Richards or email info@395squadron.ca.

·       When you come to cadets it is imperative that you enter through the main doors and sign in. Your attendance counts and you want to make sure that when you are here, it is recorded correctly for potential future opportunities.  If you arrive late and attendance is no longer being taken at the door, report to the office to sign-in.  

·       Please make sure you fill out the survey you received regarding your experiences in the cadet program. We have were chosen as one of the squadron from across the country to participate in this survey so it is important to get your feedback to ensure that we know what we are doing that is good and what needs improvement.  

·       In preparing for the ACR, especially those cadets who just got uniforms, please be sure to watch a video on the website on how to care for your uniform and how to wear it properly.  

·       Be sure to get your tickets to the banquet staring next week.  Cadets can get their tickets from the office with a $5 deposit which will be returned to them when they show up at the banquet.  For other family members, tickets are $40 and can be bought from the parents’ association.   

·       We will have 4 senior cadets aging out over the next few weeks including one at the ACR. Even though they will age out, these cadets will continue to perform their duties until the end of the year.  

·       Congratulations to WOII Schneider who is our first senior cadet to age out in the next few weeks. He joined in 2008 and has been an outstanding cadet ever since he joined. He won several awards during his tenure at 395 Squadron. He received Griffon coin #397 in 2011. His attention to detail will be missed. We wish him all the best in his future endeavours and congratulations.          



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